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>> this is al jazeera. >> five of the kidnappers have been captured. they are under attack again. the government's promise of a cease-fire. >> i do solemnly swear.
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>> barack obama is sworn in to the second term. and a brush with fame. troops are working to secure an clear gas pumps. the attackers kidnapped and killed dozens of farm workers. soldiers found another 25 dead hostages on sunday. one security official has at least 81, including captives and attackers. five of the hostage-takers were captured and found alive. they had all been killed in the final assault 20 years of experience in afghanistan, he is
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claiming his group is behind the attack. >> he is of the brigade. he claims his men launched an attack in eastern algeria, offering to stop if the u.s. releases from prison the man known from the blind shake -- as the blind shake. it is not clear if he took part of the assault or if he survived. he is believed to have been shot on thursday and sent to a news website. algerian bomb disposal teams are searching the plant for explosives and the remains of those killed during saturday's's final assault to freedom. they did recover more bodies on saturday. as many as 25. authorities released footage showing some of the weapons used in the assault.
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heavy machine guns, rifles, rocket launchers, shotguns, and grenade belt. they released a recording of one attacker making demands and threatened to kill all of the hostages. >> [indiscernible] >> in the meantime, survivors told their stories. >> gunfire outside, machine gun fire, sometimes, quiet. >> relatives of more than one dozen foreign workers still do not know their loved ones' fate. the final casualty toll has been
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calculated, and foreign governors will try to figure out what happened and whether they can prevent it from happening again. then there is this question. is retaliation the answer? if so, how? >> this is a global threat. requires a global response. it will require a response years and decades rather than months. a response that is patient and painstaking and top but also intelligent, but above all has an absolutel resolved. >> security threats for which no one was adequately prepared. >> the threat in north africa has been around for quite some time. various groups taking up arms. not all are linked to al qaeda. they are fighting across a vast -- also kidnapping, and
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smuggling drugs and guns. the u.s. ambassador to libya suggested al qaeda's influence was on the rise. in northern, and they turned on them and drove them out. hostages in houses near it -- algeria and a are in a number of african countries. the group has drawn together a wide range of fighters. >> its providence is mysterious. it goes back years. it goes back to the involvement of the algerian state when it was basically a counter terrorist movement run by the algerian government. you have developed in that region a confusion of people. as you say, the have earned about 19 million in kidnapping alone in the last eight years.
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i think if you are going to look at the cause of why they are able to do this, you have got to say, these were filled countries. it was never properly govern. they could never suggest power. if you look at algeria, everything about it is opaque. we do not know what is going on. there is no arab spring. very much to tell the west to be told you so because they are a military government that has sustained -- they were responsible for tens of thousands of deaths. they were able to maintain authoritarian rule. >> armed groups are on the
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defensive. the objective is to push them out of the country. oh conquest. forces have launched attacks. the latest. >> the french air force command the skies. vast expanses of torain, where fighters are being driven out affiliated with al qaeda. rebel forces control thousands of square kilometers north and east to the borders the french army is making its presence felt. this is a short distance, captured by rebels after it began. stark -- strong resistance has been faced.
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>> the situation is still not clear. there are few or no rebels there. that needs to be confirmed. we will wait to see what happens in the coming days. >> an insight into the -- as they try to extend government control. >> it is not easy. there is a small part of the population helping their cause. that is what is making the fight against them tough. >> these are the latest images. it looks abandoned but there are fears of land mines and booby traps. >> the french were hoping by now to start handing over the operation to a u. n-mandated force -- source. those groups, and have been slow to arrive. >> for now, this remains a french operation.
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with a new office of transport planes coming from russia and canada, the long-awaited force may start taking shape. >> 10 people have been killed in yemen. and a local official says the building was used as a bomb factory. they are -- all those killed are believed to be members of up data. still to come, silent and lethal. a new weapon of choice. civilians are left no time to escape. parts of europe have the worst affected area. taking advantage on sunday? all the details coming up.
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>> the u.s. president barack obama has been sworn in for a second term. the start of a four-year battle on guns, immigration, and the economy. >> hope you do dog? -- so help you god? >> barack obama and his immediate family, a few words, and that was it. president joe biden will -- vice president joe biden will do it tomorrow. here to see the swearing in, a chance for the president to rally the country, because experts say he needs to get americans involved if he has any
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chance of getting his way. >> he needs to target red states. he needs to target some of these senators out there who could be moved on some of these issues. it could be a brilliant plan if barack obama and execute it properly. >> i hope he turns the country around. gets the economy back on solid ground. and move the progressive agenda floor. >> we have to get the economy going. to many people are unemployed. >> gun control, immigration reform, and deficit reduction. >> monday happens to be a federal holiday in the u.s.. >> what is memorable about this inauguration, it comes on martin
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luther king's birthday, the holiday we celebrate. he's using martin luther king jr.'s bible. he has got to take off from his great speech, i have a dream, back in 1963. and remember, martin luther king's dream did not only include ending segregation. it included ending needless wars, fighting poverty, and making america a more equal country. barack obama, tell us what your dream is for the second term and once that is over, once you have inspired us, go about the hard work of implementing that dream. it is a dream speech i am looking for. >> angela merkle. but the omens are not good. her coalition has just lost a regional election that was widely viewed as a test of public opinion. >> at first, it looked like the
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german chancellor's party would win. when the final ballots were counted, it became clear the democrats were on their way out. the results show the coalition of angela merkle's party or one seat behind the opposition. the loss by the christian democrats came about because their supporters tried to vote strategically. usually, christian democrat voters cast a ballot for free democrats. at first, they were thrilled at their score. >> i think it is no surprise some conservatives actually gave us a vote to make sure we would be able to continue with the coalition.
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>> as the votes were counted, it became clear the political blood transfusion had not work. .- worked how could she continued to help the free democrats across germany without hurting her own party poppies -- party potsies popularity. even her star power was not enough to turn things around. keeping the coalition partner ally came at a heavy price, one she may not want to pay again. foreign -- prime minister. on an interview, he wants the former justice minister to be the prime minister. the impulse put the senate elects leader out in front. trailing in third place, monti.
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austrians have voted to keep prescriptions for their armed forces. the country has been holding a referendum. 50% of those who voted chose to keep with 45,000 strong army. two security guards have been injured. the makeshift bomb went off in athens. the bank was closed and it was evacuated about an hour before. 200 people led to state the following two warning calls. more than 1000 protesters take the streets, demanding the immediate resignation of the president. groups say he does not have the
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legal right for january 21, because the constitution limits the president to two five-year terms. another day of travel chaos in europe. snowfalls have dropped transport across the region. airlines cancelled 40% of flights. train services have also been delayed. in southwest, 25,000 homes have lost power. the situation is no better in germany. hundreds of flights have been cancelled. passengers are being the region are being offered the train. london's -- thousands of passengers remain stranded another day of terminal there. flights at your's busiest airports. determining the effect of nearly two years of conflict on health
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services. sanctions are denying people like saying -- life-saving medicines as the fight continues. firing rocket -- firing rockets. it has come under daily bombardment for two months. elsewhere, fighters have been filmed from a group, capturing a military base. the rebels seized guns and heavy artillery. they say these weapons will allow them to take on the much better-equipped army. >> we are telling the international community that we will arm ourselves. we will be victorious. we will defeat assad. >> syria's military continues to have the upper hand. this report.
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>> in a village high in the mountains, all the talk -- talk is about weapons not used by the government. the straddle and the -- this shrapnel. we were asleep. an enormous explosion. we woke up and found 6 inches long and 3 meters deep. this is not a usual show -- shell. this is something horrible. the shrapnel has spread. >> in another village, another huge crater. this time, in the rock. the locals say people were knocked off their seat by the pressure of the blessed. >> it shook everything. we were in a cave under ground. the cave shop.
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the glass in the area was shattered. >> local people say they hear them first and have a chance to run away. even when the aircraft are dropping bombs, and they have time to take cover. what they know is when they actually drop. they can cause an enormous amount of damage. the local people had seen video on youtube. it shows short-range missiles. u.s. officials have been quoted saying it supplied syria. the u.s. state department would not confirm the spirit it reiterated there are weapons and trainers. >> we have been clear about how we feel. they are ultimately going to
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fail. it is important all of us continue to shed a light on what they are doing. a provision of weapons and tactics and techniques were trying to keep him in power. >> the un security council approved sanctions last month, accused of supplying arms to the government. the syrian prime minister last week, i ran promised to enhance relations between the countries. it has not confirmed it supplying the government with weapons. we have been told it is concentrating its efforts on trying to cut off all supplies to the regime coming into the country by sea. >> we have gained exclusive access to a syrian rebel group. they have allowed us to film them in training.
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>> this is a syrian rebel group. young men, many of whom never have picked up a gun before, learn the tactics of urban warfare. in an army base captured by rebels, the state -- they simulate these charming of military. >> the aim is to ensure our fighters are prepared in battle. we must be familiar with all tactics. >> among the weapons fighters are being trained to use, r p g's, proving to be invaluable to rebels. complaining of a lack of fire power question whether training is a waste of what little they have. others say real training is
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essential. >> preparing the fight is more important than ammunition. we must train them. the well-being of each fighter is our responsibility. >> other scenarios, the rebels hijacked military convoys and the capturing of soldiers. for those fighting the government, having prisoners in their possession is as valuable as possessing weapons. >> we have learned how to launch an attack -- an attack. all this is vital to when we attack military bases. >> once the military lessons are over, these fighters are reminded of the political and spiritual messages they must bear. untold suffering to the country, and it is for the sake of god and syria. >> a un report says there has
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been an increase in torture incidents. investigations show almost one- third of prisoners weekly transferred are being ill treated. it also reveals the afghan intelligence agency has secret facilities for the organization. the report alleges detainee's are being hung by their ceilings by their wrists. threatened with execution and sexual abuse. the afghan government is rejecting the report, and says the allegations are exaggerated. the former secretary of defense joins us now live from washington d.c. thank you for being with us. one-third of all prisoners being transferred to afghan control being ill treated, that is a huge number. why is this happening? >> it is not surprising. in october of 2012, the united states stopped transferring a
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lot of prisoners because they were aware of horrible things that were happening. the report says the government was aware of this and try to do something. they are not holding anybody accountable when they do not live up to the sanders they should. >> why is nato still transferring the prisoners? >> to a certain extent, they have to under the agreements we made with the afghan government to begin drawing down our forces and begin turning over operations to them. the afghan government has demanded this. we have slowed it down more than we can technically under the agreements we have made with them. >> stuck the u.s. government care about this? >> we do care about it. we have resisted some of the requests of the cars i
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government. they have slowed down the transfer they agreed to. they are aware of these things. they are trying to transfer them to presence which have a better record than some of these places where they have done horrible things the u.n. documents. >> how concerned are you the government has rejected this report? it could turn around and say, you do not have a very clean copy. the torture exists within your band? >> i think the fact they are rejecting it will hurt them in the long term. what they will do is feed into the narrative of those who are opposed to the afghan government, like the taliban, and say, see l barbel they are? why would you want to be with them? why do you not come with us? they will ignore the things they
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did. that was a while ago. in the long bond, that will hurt them. >> what is the best way to address this? a foreign government with foreign aid to afghanistan. any leverage? >> i think so. under the agreement we have made, we are supposed to turn over sovereignty and the military operations to the afghan government by 2014. but we have promised to continue providing economic aid as well as training. we can particularly use the economic aid as a leverage to get them to treat these unfortunate people more humanely. >> thank you very much for taking the time to talk the west. >> thank you for having me. >> up to come -- still to come, come the's peace talks what next for a country plagued by war?
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one of the favorites makes their first appearance. were fans still jumping for joy? >> for japan, things will be messy. but there will be snow there. temperatures going up for you. toward japan, it will be raining. but to the north, a combination of rain and snow. only about two degrees. a mix of condition there. toward tokyo, that will be heavier rain. as you make your way over toward
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india, we did know, especially up toward north. reaching about a meter or two meters in locations. and 15 degrees is slightly below the norm this year. toward tonight, how about 21 degrees? we expect to see more rain coming in. a high temperature of about 32. here, not looking too bad. we do expect to see a high temperature for us reaching about 26. some of the warmest temperatures we have seen in days. as we go towards tuesday, about 24 degrees.
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>> a reminder of top stories here. 48 hostages died in the four-day siege. reports say 25 bodies found at the complex on sunday were all those of captains. france says its goal is to force al qaeda fighters in what the defense minister is calling total conquest. a new strike on rebel positions. u.n. reports say the use of torture -- torture is widespread. investigations show almost one- third of prisoners originally transferred have been ill treated.
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getting breaking news from our correspondent in afghanistan, reports of a number of certified attackers. striking at the traffic. police headquarters reportedly close to the border police headquarters. there in the afghan capital, a number of suicide bombers targeting traffic police headquarters. no report at this stage of cavities. we will keep you updated. rebels say the government has launched another attack on its fighters in the north. they say the armor the army has broken the truth. the president insists the government is keen on holding peace talks with the rebels. >> the gunfire around him barely distracts this man from his cigarette. there is supposed to be a cease- fire.
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the government announced the cease-fire on friday. saturday, it was due to come into affect. on sunday, the separatists are still taking casualties. >> i am not sure what happened. either i have been shot in the head or a bullet grazed me. >> the fighters say the army is on the attack. soldiers are about 5 miles from the rebel headquarters and fighter jets flew overhead. the independent army is accusing the government of ignoring its own cease-fire. >> our leader ordered us to live in a bunker. the army sneaks up and shoots at us. we are not being ordered to shoot. it is to vote -- we just defense. we defend our territory. >> the previous cease-fire held for 17 years the separatists are in conflict again. they have been fighting for 20 months.
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in the south, the president says he is committed to seeking peace. he has just met with the chinese deputies foreign minister to discuss the issue. he has not ordered any army assault. >> in order to gain peace over the country, there -- it is for the taking -- go through the red tape as quickly as possible. >> rebel groups have already agreed, but for now, the fighters are in their bunkers under fire and far from the negotiating table. >> rebels in colombia are calling for a new truce pin the government. it said it would begin fighting today -- again. a report from the valley, one of the main conflict zone. >> they enjoy the last hours of relative peace in the village.
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a stronghold for rebels. in the last two months, there has been a drop in skirmishes. now, the rebels' unilateral -- unilateral cease-fire is over. they wonder how long until it all began running for cover. >> children are most impacted by the arbitrary actions. children wounded, people killed, we live in constant tension. >> the colonel in charge of the shows us00-strong unit the mortars. >> they lacy's with human excrement. but the shrapnel does not kill you, the excrement does. >> they are well prepared to keep fighting. even as the rebels call for a polite -- for a bilateral ceasefire.
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>> they argue in the past, the rebels use it to recruit and strengthen their forces. while government leaders talk peace, here in columbia, both sides are gearing for an escalation in the arm, but. >> just hours before the unilateral cease-fire, villagers gathered. they argued they would suffer most. >> i think the government has the mistaken belief. >> this mother of two asked us not to be identified but agreed us -- agreed to show us how the community is in the middle of conflict. >> this is where rebel mortar fell. still, the shrapnel and the shock waves reached our houses and terrified the children.
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i understand the army has a job to do. they operate within the community. that makes them target. >> targets in the conflict grew up with, even as they dare hope far away in cuba, both sides may finally agree to stop fighting. >> a development specialists has worked in columbia, including areas controlled. he says the end of the cease- fire hurts the prospect of a cease-fire deal. >> i do not think it is that realistic, although the first point in the talks asked to do with the issues. that is the point in the talks. if we are to believe what we are told, central project -- progress has been made on that front. i do not know. i think it is best not to put deadlines on things.
11:36 pm
>> you have worked in areas controlled. what sort of strength to they have? >> the fact there are peace talks under way indicates a point of inflection was reached. neither side saw they could win. they still have a lot of firepower. a lot of blood can be shed. during the past two months, there has been a substantial reduction in violence. the accounts, the british services moved 35 people a month to the conflict and 200 wounded. over the past two months, that does not happen.
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>> the house is improving. that is according to the second in command. the vice president told us hugo's chavis is conscious and gaining vital strength. treatment in december. he has not appeared in public since. police in serbia have removed memorials to ethnic albanian fighters. over 200 armed officers helped tear down the monument in the southern town. it has been the focus of attention in recent weeks. demonstrations in egypt have scuffled with police. a second straight day. the bonds broke out after a hearing against police officers removed themselves. accused of being charged with killing protesters during an uprising two years ago. there will not be a new trial. the court was sent burning
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furniture parent of around 300 people died in alexandria during a revolt. all over in the capital, dozens of villagers are facing trial is over a land dispute with the army. soldiers stormed the island. just outside of cairo. at least one man was killed going to find out what is behind the fight. >> still can believe his son is dead. he was 21 years old and about to get married. mohammad was fishing when the military attack the island. the family has not moved. -- have not moved the net he was using because it was the last thing he touched. >> we were fishing to make ends meet. around 3:00 a.m., we met on fire. i told my brother to run. i ran as fast as i could.
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i looked behind me and saw him, he had fallen. i knew i would be dead if i went back for him. >> he was shot twice by military police last november when hundreds of officers attacked in a dawn raid. the militants say people here are a legally squatting on land officially belong to the army. they say they need the island to protect the capital. >> the land is fertile and prime real estate. it is home to around 5000 people. most have lived there their whole lives. in 2010, the supreme court ruled the residents had the right to live and work on the land, which is officially state owned. the following year, they took a section of it. to then be driven out by local.
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the military has now seeking part of the island. this part belongs to the family. his father, uncle, and two cousins were arrested the day of the raid. they had been in prison ever since on charges of trespassing and attacking officers. they face military trial of,. >> the military judiciary where -- was established. had criteria are loose and arbitrary. a fear is with a new constitution, allowing civilians to be put on civilian trials, the immunity enjoyed by the military is set to continue. >> the israeli prime minister says he will not give up the largest settlement in the west bank. speaking at the funeral.
11:41 pm
barely 48 hours before the general election. support for a settlement building as an obstacle for peace. around 340,000 settlers live in homes. also home to nearly 3 million palestinians. most of the israeli party in this election have sidestepped the issue. >> johnny is a palestinian shot living and working in jerusalem. he is not a citizen. he cannot vote. he has been closely following the election. most israeli politicians on not even discussing the issue. >> it makes me realize how much we are being ignored. tackling all the problems around us and not focusing on the in- house problem. just in order to get over for the election. >> the traditional face of
11:42 pm
palestinians, has not mentioned the two-state solution in its campaign ads. the palestinian statement has been involved in almost every major negotiation with israel. he says israel is ignoring the palestinian issue because it does not threaten their security. >> attempts to put the \ palestinians down and restrict their movement. all of this is not costing them much. >> one party on the right that is talking about the occupation, its leader, says he will propose that israel gets 60% of the west bank. >> he is expected to win the election.
11:43 pm
>> he can get israelis whatever they want without any threat. they can do whatever they want with total impunity. >> they are divided by the separation wall. some people believe that is why the occupation is not an election issue. >> they do not have to think about dealing with it because they have the army taking care of it. >> while israel prepares for the election, it controls the larger palestinians in the occupied territories. that is one issue politicians believe -- >> the slightest promises the
11:44 pm
government is not committing to reform. >> they say they are praying for stability. the muslim brotherhood is boycotting the does the government refuses to change a law they say is unconstitutional because >> we think these elections need to reflect the will of the people. we think the upcoming election is an absurd and futile. the government -- >> the government is not interested in reform. >> all the dead, constitution
11:45 pm
reform, nothing, they are trying to deceive the people. >> the muslim brotherhood says it will do nothing more than carry on with protests, demanding political reform. sources inside told of the conflict in syria prohibiting protesters who fear the country could ascend into unrest. >> elections cannot be held until a consensus is reached. that is why the muslim brotherhood calls for propose -- calls for postponing the election. >> the government believes the upcoming election will be a success. >> it is the people's right to go to the polls or not.
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>> protest movement has been slow appeared as much as people are angry at the governments they are not willing to take a risk that could push the country into an uncertain direction. >> coming up, global recognition for a south african painter turn the light into art. the defendant shanahan looks ahead for the opening match.
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>> football in spain. the team closed the gap on the one-way leaders. me.ning their gai the team played more like the champions they are. one of the performances of the season. gabriel, a 5 lead in hong kong. that is how the match ended. earlier, the second place host. it took the lead in the first half.
11:49 pm
five points clear of the english -- [indiscernible] class we were on top of them in the first half. the they were pushing and pushing, still a lot. >> italy's placing
11:50 pm
[indiscernible] rolling back the years this season. the legal of the campaign. it back, just before the break through. .ne-one are fourth and seventh. quite a goal coming up. going ahead after the half-hour. all local keeping. conspiring to completely ignore the ball. one-one. up to 6 after two goals. the first may be lucky. no such luck in the second goal. fantastic.
11:51 pm
one-joke. in march improvement, jesus christ -- one-two. >> a large improvement. they looked to be going to plan early on. they came back. a goal in the last two minutes. a penalty against him. a well-deserved 2-2 draw. surprisingly, it is molly. the last kick off. on monday, the defending africa champion begins their campaign. the first appearance at the finals in 31 years.
11:52 pm
they have barely had a chance to enjoy their status. ♪ >> the president came to send his best wishes to the champions before they begin the defense. he was very confident in his country's chances of doing so. >> you must be proud. >> yes. they have a history. this is what the team is going to do. i am not confident they are winning. we are winning. we are winning because it belongs to us. >> the shortest, african champions as 12 month because of a change in the competition. largely made up of players who look at the trophy last year.
11:53 pm
the importance of looking ahead. >> in our life, we know what is to be champion. we close 2012 and like i said, it is written on the ball, never leaving, always learn from it. the path is finished. now it is the future. >> zambia will look to can the party will look to carry on. -- will look to carry on. >> i think it is time again. winning the torment is the motivation to my players so we can try to defend it again. >> the last time these two meet in the finals.
11:54 pm
>> justin has narrowly missed out in winning the championship. he went into the final round with a two-stroke lead. he fell behind. he missed. the biggest ever paycheck. >> it has been a long week. a great week. i played well every day. i am happy. >> that is it for sports. >> after the's townships are a hotbed of creativity. the art and music make an impact on the world stage. the united nations are trying to taint that -- change that. >> art is his life. >> sufferings and happiness and s.y i
11:55 pm
in the futures, 2046, 2050, there will be no shed. life will change. >> he paints from photos. he needs more material. his work is in demand in the united states. he just exhibited as part of the united nations trade initiative to exposed art to a global market. the project operates and is aimed at developing potential markets. >> it is one of the beautiful dreams. you just wake up, i am in real life. >> having to speak in front of an audience and articulate it has helped him to refine his work. >> i must focus on improving my
11:56 pm
skill. and for a kiss on improving the way i talk, the way i engage with people about my art. >> he has been invited to teach children to the township. he is making art were accessible around him. >> australia pauses most infamous criminal -- infamous criminal has been formally laid to rest. years after he was hanged, he was buried in a private family said. he was executed in 1880 when he was 25, for the killing of police officers. finally, the bat mobile? >> ladies and chairman, i have sold the bat mobile.
11:57 pm
>> the 1960's american tv prop has been sold for $4.2 million in an auction. they have been trying to buy it for 15 years. for 15 years.
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